Steel Entry Doors

Double Entry Doors

Steel walk entry doors or man are common in metal buildings. They allow for entry into your building. Standard steel walk doors are available as single or double door systems. Single walk doors are most commonly 3’ wide x 7’ tall (3070). Wider single doors are available 4’ wide x 7’ tall (4070). The wider 4’ doors offer a bit of larger entrance and are commonly used for small equipment such as ATV’s and larger lawn mowers to get through. Double doors are available 6’ wide x 7’ tall (6070), consisting of (2) 3070 door leafs.
Steel entry doors can be ordered either knock down or pre-assembled. Pre-assembled doors come completely assembled and pre-hung into the frame. This option is ideal for customers who have little or no experience installing doors. The installer can have the door in place in 30 minutes or less without worrying about damaged or lost parts. Knock down doors come complete with all components required for a complete door system. Four man hours are required for an experienced door installer to assemble a knock down door.

Steel Walk Doors are perfect for:

Shop Steel Entry Doors • Personal garages
• Storage sheds
• Entry into metal buildings
• Arch buildings

There are many options and accessories that can be added to any steel walk door.

Steel Walk Door Options and Accessories

Entry Door with Panic Device

Single Entry Door with Panic Exit Device and Closer

Commercial Steel Doors

3070 Steel Entry Door with Optional Latch Guard

Steel Walk Door

4' Wide Steel Door with Closer, Panic Exit Device, and Narrow Lite

Walk Doors

Single Steel Man Door with Standard Lever Lock

Entrance Doors

Single Doors with Half Glass Lite Kits and Lever Locks

Preassembled Walk Doors

Entry Door with Closer and Panic Device

Preassembled Steel Doors

4070 Wide Door Allows Wide Equipment Through Door

Steel Man Door

3070 Door in Masonry Wall with Subframe Extensions

Double Doors with Glass

4070 Door with Pivot Hingeand Extended Lite Kit

Preassembled Steel Doors

Standard Double Door with Lever Lockset

Steel Double Doors

Double Door with Both Leafs Active (2) Closers (2) Panics and Center Mullion

Double Doors with Glass

Double Steel Entry Doors with Half Glass Lite Kits

Metal Building Walk Door

Custom Double Entry Door 9' Wide x 9' Tall

Steel Walk Double Doors

Double Walk Door with Latch Guard

Entry Door with Lever Locks

Double Entry Door with Narrow Glass Lite Kits

Steel Double Doors with Windows

Double Doors with Half Glass Kits Installed Into Framing

Double Steel Doors with Glass

Double Doors with Half Glass Kits In Complete Building

Steel Walk Entrance Doors

Custom Double Doors 8' Wide x 8' Tall with Pivot Hinge on 4' Wide Leafs